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Sarah's Greenheart Yoga

Issaquah, Washington




Sarah excels at teaching yoga, but doesn’t have a studio space or the scheduling tools she needs to grow a business.


How could she leverage technology and under-utilized spaces to grow her practice?


I met Sarah as a beginner level yoga student. I felt out of shape, and wanted to get stronger. And as I got stronger, my habit solidified, and I wanted to take the next step of taking classes two times a week. At the time, Sarah was trying to grow her own practice, and invited me to join her new class.


For over a month, I was the only student. I was so grateful for her dedication and her commitment. She never canceled on me, even though she clearly was not making anything for herself during that time slot. (Plus it was December, and in our area that means even at 4PM it is dark and cold, lots of reasons to cancel!)


Once she learned that we live on Tiger Mountain, she revealed that she’s always wanted to teach at our little community park and clubhouse. The clubhouse is a 1960s open plan structure with floor to ceiling windows looking out on old growth forest – and often sits empty.


My ears perked up – as the clubhouse is a perfect opportunity to re-engage an otherwise under-utilized space. I knew it was affordable, and that with a few scheduling tools she could easily have a “mobile” studio to jump-start her business.


As word spreads about the classes at the clubhouse, we’re attracting entrepreneurs that work from home, moms, and retired people, all joining together to take classes at lunchtime. Friendships are forming, community is growing.


The best part is a thank you that I overheard from Jan, a retired nurse. She told Sarah that she had recovered from surgery that involved removing a portion of her lung.


“I’m feeling so much better after taking your classes,” she said to Sarah. “I’m stronger, and I’m breathing so much better. I want you to know, you are making a real difference.”


How can you ever top that.

Two weeks into the new yoga venture and things are moving right along. My business manager @artsforall has been rallying her neighbors and getting the word out. And we’ve figured out how to integrate some simple and useful technology with @square which is super convenient and makes me feel very official. The technology barrier is real and intimidating for me, so I’m grateful for a human guide and some super easy to use options.

- Sarah Weeldryer, Owner of Sarah's Greenheart Yoga



Chakra or Quoit (‘Khor Lo), possibly 15th–18th century (possibly Tibetan) | Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Purchase, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Gift, 2003


Object Size: Outer Diam. 5 1/2 in. (14 cm)

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